This is the most unique and exciting opportunity for you to raise $700* at an event that will be sure to please with 90,000+ pieces of LEGO® available to play with.



Sell the tickets and collect the funds

Provide a suitable Venue.  Please consider that up to 200+ people will be present (up to 200 children with supervising adults).  Either a school hall or 3-4 cleared classrooms works well.

6+ volunteers on the day to help with set up and pack down, help keep areas tidy during the event and children are keeping LEGO® bricks in the zones, manage IMG_1415aticket taking/sales at the door as people enter, and to help manage the remote controlled vehicle

Provide 8-20 trestle tables

Provide 100+ chairs – this is for the parents to rest on and to manage where the LEGO® bricks are.



Provide you with 200 tickets (space on back to fill in date, venue & time)

Provide a templates for advertising posters on request

We will promote your event on Facebook on request

All the LEGO® bricks needed for a super exciting 2 hour event in the form of;

  1. Star Wars themed LEGO® bricks
  2. Several boxes of genuine LEGO® bricks
  3. DUPLO
  4. DUPLO trains
  5. Tree themed LEGO® bricks
  6. Remote controlled vehicle
  7. Mosaic Board
  8. LEGO® related books
  9. Sales table (5% of sales go to your group).

*$700 is based on selling 200 tickets at $5 each.


Monday to Friday 9am-7pm.  Saturday’s 9am-7pm.

NOTE:  Book well in advance if holding during school holidays.




Total ticket sales per 2 hour session School profit per ticket at $5 each. 
less than 50 Event will not proceed
50-99 tickets $2.50
100-149 $3.00
150-200 $3.50
  • An invoice will be issued to your organiser once final ticket count is made. Payment must be made within 5 working days of the event.
  • Parents are required to be there to supervise their own children.  Any children under 4 will require active supervision.  House of Bricks holds no responsibility for any injury caused by the LEGO® bricks being used in inappropriate ways.
  • If there are door sales on the day, payment will need to be received for these within 2 working days after the event.
  • Please ensure 6+ volunteers are provided for the event.
  • Please allow 1 hour prior to the event time for set up and 30 minutes after for pack down.
  • Your organization will be responsible for any venue hire, cleaning, and any other requirements of the venue.
  • Provide at least 100 chairs and 6 trestle tables (or other suitable tables) for use at the event.
  • If you choose to sell food and drinks at the event please make clear to those present that these will need to be consumed away from the LEGO® bricks – preferable outside if weather or venue allows for this – and hands should be clean before returning to the LEGO® bricks.
  • If the event is cancelled please give suitable warning to House of Bricks and those who have pre purchased tickets.  Return any unused tickets to 2 Bronte Way, Rolleston, 7614. You will be responsible for any refunding to people who have purchased tickets prior to cancelling the event.  If this happens after you have sent payment to House of Bricks, we will immediately refund as soon as we have an account number from you.