Our programs will bring the team together as they focus on achieving a set challenge for the day!  This incredible tool will get the team thinking creatively and challenge many to do something they have not done before.

You can select any 1 of the activities below…or why do all our programs in 1 action packed day!!!!



Pull Back Racer Challenge  (1 hour, max 25 people, $100)

This is a super quick and very fun 1 hour program where you all come together and build the LEGO sets we provide.  They are reasonably tricky -without being too hard- for someone with no LEGO experience, but as people will be working with someone else to do this it becomes a great opportunity to problem solve the set together.  At the end the best part is that each set is then raced.  Which team will produce the best racing vehicle?!  All we need for this activity is a some good floor space for the racing and either floor space to spread out over to build or tables to sit at for building.

Tower Challenge  (1 hour, max 50 people, $100)

This is exactly as it sounds – how high can your team build in 35 minutes?  The current record is 3.65m and remains unbeaten since it was set in 2015 at Camp Quality!.  We provide a wide variety of general LEGO bricks, your team will have some planning time, then the challenge is on.  We end the session with a quickfire challenge to see who can build a small LEGO set the quickest (can be done in 2 min 45 seconds).  For this activity we require lots of clear floor space for the building.  And if you think the teams are able to break the record make sure the room has a high ceiling!  If ceiling height is a problem we can change the challenge to who can get to the ceiling first.

General Build session   (2 hours, max 50 people, $200)

We provide a wide variety of different LEGO sets from small easy builds that take 20 minutes, to large complex sets that take 2 hours.  This program is designed to provide a relaxed environment where people can move around and try the different projects available while connecting with colleagues.  The builds can be quite complex and will require people working in teams of 2-8 to complete.

Creative session   (2 hours, max 40 people, $200) 

We provide 4 themed brick boxes.  During this session your team will be given a challenge to complete at each of the 4 stations with 25 minutes to complete each one.  The challenges are based around: Gardening -with LEGO of course, Space/StarWars, 2×4 Brick challenge, and Mosaics.


Available Monday – Saturday 8am – 7pm

We take bookings anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours long (now that’s a lot of LEGO to use in 8 hours!!!!)

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