Join us fortnightly on a Friday morning and explore various topics using LEGO* as the learning tool.  We encourage parent interaction with your children to enhance the experience for them – however this is up to you as you know your children the best.

Recommended Age:  As a guideline we recommend ages 5+.  We ask where possible that parents stay or if you have to leave to ask another adult to supervise your child.

Younger siblings: Are welcome to come along, they must be supervised by an adult at all times.  We have available books, games and DUPLO too.   They are welcome to join in alongside you and older siblings taking part in the program if they wish to – we don’t discourage joining in!

DATES: (get your Diary out now and note these down!)

Term 1  
8th Feb Gardening – Design an outdoor space while thinking about the purpose of trees, shrubs and other plants.
22rd Feb Animals, Zoos and Farms – Students will build animals and design either a zoo or farm to suit the animals.
8th March Minifigures and Animal stories – Students will be given a wide variety of minifigures and animals to choose from and will build a scene that will tell a story about what they are doing.  Bring a device to have the story narration recorded.
22rd March Students choose – tell us the week before what you would like to learn and we will work to make it happen.  OR they can bring and share their own collection to share and inspire others.
5th April Creative session – students will have the opportunity to revisit any of this terms topics and enjoy some time creating as they feel inspired.  Tree Box, minifigures, and General Bricks
TERM 2  
3rd May Mosaics.  Students will design a mosaic using math principles to build it – patterns, reflections, rotations and more.
17th May Sculptures.  Students will be given various LEGO parts and will get the opportunity to design what they can with those given parts.  2×4 Bricks.  1×2 Bricks.  Leaves.
31st May Themed Building – Friends, Technic, and Sets.   Students will build as they feel inspired by the selection provided.
14th June Light and Shadows – students will work with a light and LEGO to design a shadow picture.
28th June Students Choose – tell us the week before what you would like to do and we will work to make it happen.
TERM 3  
26th   July Games – Marble mazes, actual LEGO games and more.  Students will be super busy building and enjoying different games using LEGO.
9th August Challenges – Students will build bridges and more.  Various short and fun challenges will be set for this session!
23th August Simple Machines – Catapults, gears, zipline racers, inclined planes and more.  Students will take the time to discover how these all these work.
6th Sept Themed Building – Friends, StarWars and Sets.  Students will build as they feel inspired by the selection provided.
20st Sept Students Choose – tell us the week before what you would like to do and we will work to make it happen.
TERM 4  
18th Oct Car Racing – Students will design their own car and use some kits to create several cars and then race them and see what works best and consider why they work as they do.
1st Nov Fish – students will creatively design their own fish.  Inspiration will be given with photos and some kits available to learn some techniques for building.   These will go on display at our annual Christmas Grotto.
14th Nov (Thursday) Students Choose and Complete fish– tell us the week before what you would like to do and we will work to make it happen.  OR for those who did not attend the previous fish session there will be fish to build on the day to add to the tank.
29th Nov Prize giving, Morning Tea and Christmas Grotto viewing with LEGO building time.

Other Information

Time: 10am – 12noon.  Only 12 spaces available.  You are not required to stay for the whole 2 hours – come and go as it suits you and your child.

Cost: $10 per session/child

How to pay:  Cash/EFTPOS on the day.  By internet banking/Invoice

Where: 2 Bronte Way, Rolleston.

Register: Please contact us to register your attendance.  Children can join at any time during the Year (unless classes are full-we will note here if there is no space left)


Terms and Conditions….

*New Customers must pay with cash or EFTPOS on the day. Existing customers can choose open an account with us and receive an invoice at the end of each term or pay with cash or EFTPOS on the day. In the case of an unpaid account you will be required to pay upfront to attend/join in with a session unless prior payment arrangements have been made. EFTPOS is available, if you are unable to pay you are unable to attend. *Parents/caregivers are required to stay to supervise and support their child during the session. Younger siblings are welcome to attend and a small range of activities will be provided. Younger siblings must be supervised especially around the LEGO to avoid and choking on the small parts. *The LEGO used will remain the property of House of Bricks Ltd and must remain at our venue when you leave. * House of Bricks Ltd and any House of Bricks staff leading a session hold no responsibility for the safety of you or your child. Parents/caregivers are to be responsible for your own safety. However House of Bricks Ltd and their staff will do all they can to ensure a safe event is provided so you can all get the most out of the sessions. *Bring a Friend – anyone booked in can bring a friend along to for $5 (please let us know if you are bringing a friend). Each ‘friend’ is limited to 1 session during 2019, further attendance will require them to book and pay at the regular rate of $10 per session. *