Founded:  May 2014 by Jason and Rachel de Vries.

Where:  Rolleston, Canterbury, New Zealand


Jason has been the longest standing LEGO fan in the family collecting his first set at the age of 4 years old (and he still owns it too!!) and continues to collect and enjoy LEGO sets today, with a particular passion towards the LEGO TECHNIC range.  Jason is very clever at using TECHNIC as a base for is own creations.  His best ever design was an amazing Dragon, covered in parts that glowed under a UV Light.  Jason had the opportunity in January 2017 to take it Melbourne.  With some very clever and careful packaging it survived the plane trip and received a prime display table at Brickvention.

After 8 years of marriage and years of watching Jason enjoy LEGO Rachel finally bought her first piece of LEGO!  This was a pack of 500 1×2 bricks meant for the children to use…only they were never used by the children and instead Rachel proceeded to purchase MANY more of these pieces and built a replica of the house they live in including having it lit up with TECHNIC power function lights.  Rachel’s skills in LEGO building are quite the opposite to Jason with Rachel enjoying a more artistic side of LEGO designing mosaics and sculptures.  Rachel’s largest project was designing a Large mosaic which used 18,000 1×2 Bricks each and a further 4,000 parts to form the base.  This was an exciting project with a very colourful outcome.

In April 2014 Rachel started the planning for the business – including developing from scratch all the educational programs and all services.  Business opened for the first time in August 2014 with us launching our Birthday Party and Education Programs.  2015 saw us expand our services, refine what we offered based on feedback from our clients.  In 2016 the House of Bricks team expanded to have 3 Event leaders running programs and 2018 has been an exciting time seeing us expand our services to the whole of New Zealand!!


Thank you for taking the time to read a little snippet of our history, we will update it as we journey on with new and exciting projects.  You can follow us on Facebook to get our journey’s update every day.