Join me as I share my knowledge through interviews, blogs and articles.  Some share our experiences from our adventures around the world and in our studio.  Whereas other articles will share my knowledge, experience and research into the why behind using bricks in the educational and corporate space.

Enjoy reading.  If you have knowledge and experience that would add value to our readers please leave a comment in the relevant article.

Nga mihi nui / Kind Regards, Rachel de Vries.  Managing Director and Founder of House of Bricks ltd.

An Interview with Jason de Vries about Snakehorns the Swamp Lurker.

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An Interview with Jason de Vries – the designer of the Dragon called Snakehorns the Swamp Lurker. Interview conducted by Rachel de Vries Where do you live?  Rolleston, New Zealand…

A Visit to the LEGO Company Museum and Vault

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A Visit to the LEGO Company Museum and Vault Experienced by Jason & Rachel de Vries.  Written by Rachel de Vries, September 2019 “It’s nice to have dreams, but seeing…

Where to buy genuine LEGO Bricks.

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Where do I buy LEGO® from? When you know the answers to these questions, please be prepared for the following to happen: You will be forever grateful for the new…

Using Bricks to Support Learning with a Focus on Numeracy

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Discover the power of using LEGO® bricks to support learning with a focus on numeracy. This comprehensive article provides valuable insights and expert advice on how LEGO® bricks can enhance numeracy skills in an engaging and creative manner. Learn how to make learning math fun with these colourful building blocks!

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