Team Building With a Fun Focus

Why use our Fun Focused events?Corporate events with House of Bricks

  1. Challenges are designed to bring teams together, encourage friendly and exciting competition, and create an atmosphere of creativity and fun.   
  2. Challenges are suitable for anyone willing to take part and join the fun.
  3. We provide a list of challenges for you to pick from (the list may vary depending on where in NZ you are and our ability to bring resources to you)
  4. No building experience is required – our event leader is there to support you with all your technical needs and advice.
  5. Resources can be set up on tables or the floor – wherever everyone feels most comfortable so everyone can participate no matter their body’s abilities.
  6. We will come to you. We can set up in your office space, at your local Community Centre, or even a willing café/restaurant so you can enjoy a meal after.
  7. With the variety of challenges available, we can join your team once a year for a 1.5 – 6-hour

What Others Say About Our Fun-Focused Events.

  • “Great team-building event, with a creative element! I had a couple of people who were sceptical about the event, but overall, really enjoyed it. Everyone has their minifig on their desk.”  Duns, Accountants and Business Advisors
  • “What great value for money!  It was a fun and interactive team event.”  Hill Labs
  • “Thanks very much, the team loved it 🙂 It’s different to anything you’d normally have an opportunity to do, and a good mix of competitive and creative” Banquer
  • “What a great way to kick off our recent conference! Thank you so much for bringing us together and breaking the ice in such a fun and challenging way. It was great to do something different and your team-building exercise was a fabulous way of getting to know each other better and setting a solid foundation for our two days together.”  Chairs LGNZ Zone 5 & 6 Mayor Dan Gordon, Mayor Bryan Cadogan

Random Fact – If you booked a 2-hour event each year it would take 4 years for you to experience all our Fun Focused challenges.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitation for Business Problem-Solving and Team Building

Why Use Our SERIOUS PLAY® Events?

  1. We are members of the Master Trainers’ Association of Certified Facilitators and Trainers with a deep expertise in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.
  2. We focus on working with small groups and teams, opening space for teams to focus on the small details, allowing each person to be heard safely, and opening pathways to meaningful relationships within teams.
  3. We know that each person holds knowledge and experience valuable to the team’s and larger enterprise’s success. Sharing and contributing to traditional meetings may not be comfortable, even though everyone naturally wants to be heard and contribute.   Success depends not on the leader but on all voices being heard and contributing.

What Others Say About Our SERIOUS PLAY Events

  1. I have attended more planning sessions over the years than I can count and this was something different, the use of LEGO brought a completely new creative aspect to the thought process, and you were able to fully explore the symbolism of the topic by having to create something out of LEGO to portray your thoughts and feelings.    Moneta
  2. In terms of group involvement, everyone having a voice, and gaining the outcomes required for the team to agree on what was important, we hit the mark!  The Networkers, Rolleston
  3. Thank you seems very small – you made the team come out of their shells and people who did not even speak up in the office were contributing amazing things!  Every person had fun, and we all took away learning, so THANK YOU very much!  Enatel
  4. What I enjoyed the most is that everyone could speak and express their ideas, and there was no “wrong” answer so everyone was very comfortable doing this.  I just loved it! And will be recommending your sessions to everyone I can.  Blue Sky Real Estate

Types of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Events

Team Development

  1. Discover your identity as a team – who are you and why are you committed to working together?
  2. Discover and explore the aspirations of the team.
  3. Explore pathways to reach these aspirations including mapping roadblocks and their effect.
  4. Workshops suitable for 8-12 attendees

Goal Setting

  1. Unlock actionable and meaningful goals for your team that go deeper than sales targets and exciting buzzwords.
  2. Explore the aspirations of the team and develop a set of core attributes that will provide a focus for future decision-making and team actions.
  3. Explore ways to develop these attributes.
  4. Workshops suitable for 8-12 attendees

Strengthening Leadership

  1. Discover and explore the motivators for each leadership member.
  2. Unlock the team’s aspirational leadership qualities, attributes, and capacities.
  3. Explore the possibilities around roadblocks and challenges.
  4. Develop a meaningful list of simple guiding principles that will form the base for this leadership team.
  5. Workshops suitable for 8-12 attendees

Real-time Strategy Development for the Enterprise/Business

  1. Explore strategizing in an unpredictable and changing world.
  2. Build and explore the environment working in through a landscape of connections.
  3. Turn visions of the future into heedful interactions. Turn mission statements into shared identity and purpose. 

Therapeutic Applications Workshop series

  1. An 8-week programme for adults interested in learning skills and techniques to help cope with mental health issues.
  2. Sessions are designed to help individuals cope with the symptoms and experience of stress and anxiety.
  3. The program assists individuals in discerning potential pathways to overcome stressors and better thrive.
  4. Suitable for up to 8 attendees
  5. 1x 1.5-hour sessions over 8 weeks or 2x 1.5-hour session over 4 weeks
  6. Note: This course is not a replacement for other forms of treatment from a medical professional.  Do not use this course to diagnose or treat individuals. 

Custom LSP session

  1. We will develop a programme to suit your team, challenges, and desired outcomes.
  2. All workshops suit 8-12 attendees with 1 Certified LSP facilitator.

Random Fact – More than 50 years ago, neuroscientists found that a surprisingly large part of the human brain is dedicated to controlling the hands (Penfield & Rasmussen, 1950). This profound interconnection between the brain and the hands means “that the hands are not simply a valuable place to get information from, or to manipulate objects ‘with’, but also that thinking with the hands can have meaning in itself” Read more of this research here



Watch the message below from the founders of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®  method Robert Rasmussen and Per Kristiansen and a fun TED talk with David J. Kubacki (founder of ViaDel Consulting Group, Delaware, USA)  where they discuss if LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® works for everyone, how it works, the science behind the methodology, and provides a practical example through the diversity duck activity.  

Check out this link to read more about the history, purpose, and fundamentals of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.  

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