Community-based services

Learn more about services provided by House of Bricks that are for the Community.  We lead family-friendly sessions during school holidays.   We can support you to raise funds through interactive events.  If you operate a holiday club, our services are perfect for entertaining your group during the holidays.



Find out what community events, workshops and more that have planned at this link


We provide enough resources to entertain up to 200 people at our Fundraising events!  All you need to do is book the venue, gather volunteers, and sell the tickets,

Holiday Programs

We bring our resources to you!  We provide challenges, games, and relaxing creative time too.

Book your event here
View our calendar for availability before you book.  However, if your ideal date is not available please email at so we can help.
Have an urgent request?  Contact our event director directly.  Rachel 021 022 83824
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