To all who attended our 2023 Christmas Bricksibition.  Through the event, $4000 was raised for West Rolleston school!


Watch this space for info on our 2024 Christmas Bricksibition!  More information will come out in June.

Fundraising events for your community

We have enough resources to entertain up to 200 children and adults!

How do our fundraising events work?

Option 1 – Community Event

  1. We will set up enough brick-themed activity stations for up to 200 people to enjoy.
  2. There will be something there for everyone to enjoy from DUPLO®* for the young, to TECHNIC®* for the experts and everything in between like jungle bricks, classic bricks, friends, boats, general bricks, space bricks, bright bricks and mosaics.
  3. The event is either 1.5 or 2 hours long and everyone gets to enjoy creating during that time.
  4. You can add to the fundraising by selling at a sausage sizzle, tea/coffee, or even a bake sale at the event.
  5. All we need you to do is 1. Book us in.  2. Find a venue.  3. Market the event & sell the tickets.  4.  Find 4-6 volunteers to help run the event on the day.  5. Organise any side fundraising items such as a sausage sizzle.

Option 2 – Competitive Community Building Event

  1. We will provide a space for you to run a competitive team event.
  2. Attendees will form teams of up to 4 (Teams to include at least 1 adult and no more than 2 adults.  At least 1 child and up to 3 children).
  3. On the day teams will select a creative mat to build at (there are all kinds of themes to choose from) and they will build a creation based on a topic/challenge that you decide on.
  4. Here is an example event timetable:
    1. 5:00 House of Brick’s event leader arrives to set up alongside Paparoa Street PTA helpers
    2. 5:45 – Set up complete.  Run through Health and Safety and event plan with PTA helpers.
    3. 5:55 Open event doors
    4. 6:05 Gather all contestants for Health and Safety Briefing (House of Bricks Play rules and School H&S)
    5. 6:10 Competition Starts
    6. 7:10 Building time ends! Judging begins (good time to serve tea/coffee, cookies)
    7. 7:35 Announce Winners/Prizegiving
    8. 7:40 Start pack up – All contestants are to help take apart their creations as per House of Bricks pack-up instructions – this will be given after the announcement of winners.
    9. 7:55 Pack up and complete
  5. All we need you to do is 1. Book us in.  2. Find a venue.  3. Market the event & sell tickets.  4.  Find 4-6 volunteers to help run the event on the day.  5. Source some prizes

Option 3 – A Brick Show for your community

  1. This full-day event will showcase creations from your community while providing a play space for your community to enjoy.
  2. Furthermore, it will reach not just the people from your school, group, or community.  It will include your town or even district!
  3. We will provide the template for running an event like this – information on what you need to do, how to prepare, how to encourage people to display, and more.
  4. Our event director will support you through the whole process
  5. Our exciting play areas and sales will be available for you to utilise during the event for your community.
  6. These events attract anywhere from 300 – 3000+ attendees!

What have we raised funds for in the past?

2014 – $500 for the Weedons School Garden Club

2016 – $3296 for In Her Honor

2017 – $3000 for In Her Honor

2018 – $2000 for a school trip to Cambodia

2018 – $900 for In Her Honor, $450 for Weedons School, AND $450 for West Melton School.  The schools used the funds to purchase resources for students with additional learning needs.

2019 – $600 for In Her Honor, $600 for Fearless Frankie, $300 for Weedons School and $300 for West Melton School.

2020 – $1000 for In Her Honor.  For resources and therapy for Honor. $1000 for Fearless Frankie.  To use as funds for her blood monitoring system.

2022 – Quiz night raising $1500 Raised for Fearless Frankie and In her Honor.

2022 – Christmas BRICKsibition – Supporting Rolleston Scouts. $2000

2023 – Make a Wish Pacific.  $14,249

2023 – Christmas Bricksibition with West Rolleston School $4000

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