COVID:  Birthday Party events can operate in Level 1 and 2.  Subsequently, there are additional terms & conditions around contact tracing, cleaning hands, and attendance numbers that will be discussed with each host.

We bring our creative LEGO®* themed birthday party entertainment to you in the comfort of your home!  So, sit back and relax while the children have fun.

Most importantly, our birthday party entertainment is suitable for both GIRLS and BOYS aged 5+.

Now imagine over 100,000 genuine LEGO* bricks arriving at your home to entertain your children.  In addition, see your birthday child choose from the exciting themed LEGO® boxes to use at their party. Then, get ready to create, party, and have fun!

House of Bricks is a locally owned family business.  Based in Rolleston.  And bringing entertainment and education to people all over New Zealand.


Receive 1.5 hours of entertainment for up to 10 children,  a small gift for the birthday child, participation certificates for all and 1 experienced event leader.  Cost $190.00 gst inclusive.


 Add on 10x Design your Own Figure’s* for all children to keep.  In addition to 1.5 hours of entertainment for up to 10 children, a small gift, participation certificates, and 1 event leader.  Cost $250.00 gst inclusive.

* Figures include the following: 1x head, 1x legs, 1x torso, 1x hairpiece and 2x accessories.

Need more information?  Then contact us here.

View our calendar for availability before you book.  However, if your ideal date is not available please email at so we can help.

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